ambrosiaCreamy, fruity goodness with the texture and sweetness of marshmallows throughout. Ambrosia is a lovely treat.



2 Serves

4 Serves

Flavoured or plain yoghurt



Banana (medium ripe)

1 large

2 large

Berries (fresh or frozen)

¼ cup

½ cup

Walnuts (optional)

2 T

4 T


2 T

4 T



1. Place yoghurt into mixing bowl.

2. Cut banana into small pieces and add to bowl along with berries.

3. Chop nuts roughly and add to bowl. Add marshmallows.

4. Stir mixture until just combined.


Serving suggestion: serve in individual bowls or in a small brandy basket.



• Other fruit can be added e.g. pineapple, apricot, peach, plum, orange, kiwifruit etc.

• Replace walnuts with other nuts, e.g. sliced almonds

• Use as a topping or filling for a sponge cake.

• Use as an alternative trifle filling in place of whipped cream.

Recipe from Easy Recipes for One or Two

Abbreviations Used in Recipes

utensilst = teaspoon

T = tablespoon

ml = millilitre

g = gram

º C = degrees Celsius

cm = centimetre