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100 free spins without wagering requirements

Wagering requirements: No requirements

Free spins: 100

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18 + years-Play responsibly, , . The offer applies to new players from 1 september 2020 onwards. My. deposit 10 $. Cash free Spins are valid for 60 days. Cash free Spins are wager-free, if any. winnings are real money. Read full terms and conditions here .

100 free spins without wagering requirements

Wagering requirements: No requirements

Free spins: 100

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99 free spins without wagering requirements

Wagering requirements: No requirements

Free spins: 99

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100% up to 100$ or
100 free spins without wagering

Wagering requirements: 35x bonus total

Free spins: 100

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20 Free spins without wagering requirements

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Free spins: 20

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Play bingo online

We are very happy that you have found your way here. This is either because you want to find somewhere to play bingo online or you want to learn more about how bingo online works. No matter what you are looking for, we are here to help you!

On this page we will go over what bingo online is, how it works and what options you have to choose from.

Owlie bingo
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Now you can sit at home in peace and quiet when you play bingo online. Click on a title to read more about the topic.

Frequently asked questions about online Bingo

With these questions and answers we will sort out some question marks that may arise when playing bingo online.

How to win when playing bingo online?

When you play bingo online, you win by being the first to fill in a row, two rows or an entire square (5x5) first. However, it can vary a bit between different games and tiles.

What is speed bingo and how does it work?

Speed bingo is just as it sounds a variant of bingo that runs faster than regular bingo. Normally, the game usually contains 30 balls and you as a player buy tiles that contain nine numbers. The game is over as soon as someone gets a full tile and the game itself usually takes three times as fast as regular bingo.

Is bingo available online with a welcome bonus?

Yes, you can receive a welcome bonus when you play bingo online. For example, it offers one of those.

Can I play bingo on my mobile?

Yes, you can play bingo on mobile. In fact, everyone who offers bingo online has a website that is adapted for mobile games.

What online bingo games are there?

There are different types of bingo games online. But the most common is 75 balls or 90 balls. The most classic is 75 balls where the tile looks the same as in the classic program Bingolotto.

Which casinos offer bingo games?

Unibet , Paf , Maria Casino , and Bertil are some of the sites that offer bingo online.

Can I play free bingo online?

Yes, if you receive a welcome bonus that offers free bingo online then it is possible.

Advantages of bingo online?

Some advantages of playing bingo online are that you can receive a bingo bonus and that you can decide when and where to play.

An entertaining pleasure

Online Bingo it is high class entertainment. Here you can not influence your chances of winning more than you can decide how many tiles you buy for each game round. In addition, a round also lasts for a number of minutes, which makes it all very exciting for a long time - unlike many other games at online casinos.

The fact that you can win large sums of money when playing bingo online is also an extra nice bonus in the Big context.

Play Bingo online

Bingo New Zealand was hot during the 1990s when Leif “Loket” Olsson was the host of the hit program Bingolotto. A lot has happened since then where we have seen, among other things, how interest in bingo Lotto has cooled. Instead, the development of online bingo moved forward.

Many people today choose to play online bingo largely due to the fact that it is smooth and simple. As a user, you can play bingo games online when and where you want. Simply when it suits its own conditions.

When it comes to online casinos however, not everyone offers bingo in their selection. But the options that exist are good.

We will on this page tell you more about bingo online. Among other things, we will go through the options available, which ones are the best and how you can play bingo online with bonuses .

Bingo PA natet

How does bingo work online?

How to play bingo online? Here we go through it.

  1. Find a casino that offers bingo games
  2. Create Account / login
  3. Make a deposit
  4. Buy bingo cards and start playing

Playing bingo online is not complicated at all. As soon as you choose a bookmaker that offers online bingo from our list just create an account. This is usually done with a bank account these days. The registration process is usually very simple.

You then make your deposit with different payment methods available to choose from. Trustly is the most popular. But there may also be other options like Swish,

Once the money is deposited, you are ready to start playing. You enter "Bingo" and then choose which room you want to play in. Where you then buy tiles waiting for the round to begin.

All bingo rooms can be unique

It is worth considering that all rooms can be unique. It can differ in how much a tile costs, how much you can win, how the tiles are shaped and so on.

The most common variants are 75-ball variants where we see Bertil, Ivar, Niklas, Gustav and Olof in the upper edge of the bingo card. But there are also other forms with both 30 balls and 90 balls.

There are different rules for each bingo site and bingo game when it comes to how you win on your bingo card. But the most common is that you should be the first to get bingo by completing one line, then two lines and finally full tile.

The tray or trays you purchased will be filled in automatically. So once the game is up and running, just sit back and hope for the right number to appear on the screen. As soon as someone gets bingo, it comes up on the screen. Hopefully you are the one who wins!

Here we go through what awaits you when you play bingo online.

Bingo pa natet 75 balls


Bingo on the net containing 75 balls is usually said to be standard. Here it is important to be the one who first fills one line, two lines, three lines, four lines and full dot. Each bingo card contains three squares of 5x5 numbers. A total of 75 numbers per tile.


The tiles in this game look a little different than what we might be used to. 3x9 squares where each row has five numbers, while four squares are blank. Otherwise, as usual, you should be the first to fill in one row, two rows and full tile.

Bingo hosts

When you play bingo, whether it's in front of the TV, computer or in a bingo hall, you always have a bingo host. The bingo host's job is to call out numbers and usually it is an automated bingo host when playing bingo online.

Chat with other players

Playing bingo online may not be the most social. However, most bookmakers usually offer a chat on the side, where you can chat with the other people playing in the same bingo room.

Higher profits with more players

The amount of profit in the bingo room you play depends on how many people participate. The more people who play at the same time as you, the higher the profit. In addition, the progressive jackpot increases faster as more people play.

The jackpot can be won if you manage to get the full tile within a certain number of called numbers. Just being the first to get the full tile sounds difficult and getting it within a certain number of numbers sounds even more difficult, but those tend to be pretty good payoffs when someone manages to take it home.

The disadvantage of more players is that the chance of winning is reduced, but at the same time the profit is greater, which is much more fun when you manage to win yourself.

Best bingo online

Bingo New Zealand offers several good options when it comes to bingo online. New Zealand bingo is both fun and entertaining, but which options are the best is not always so easy to keep track of. But that's why we at SeniorChef exist.

When we look at the options available, we look at, among other things, whether you can play bingo on your mobile, whether there is a bingo bonus and what it looks like when it comes to bingo games online.

We see that many sites that have bingo Online also have a good product for this. But here are our three favorites.

Best bingo online

Insert$10 get̊ $ 10 extra has everything you want when it comes to bingo online and is according to us the best site for you who want to play bingo online. Different games and high winnings.


100 free spins without wagering requirements

Unibet has been in the industry for a long time and we are pleased that they have chosen to offer bingo online. However, it is not the biggest focus, but much appreciated that bingo exists as an alternative.

Maria Casino

100% up to 100$ or
100 free spins without wagering

Maria Casino is an online casino that offers a wide range. Here is a good selection of bingo games, but you also have a lot of other things that are expected to be at an online casino.

Advantages & disadvantages of online bingo

As with everything else, there are clear advantages and disadvantages to playing bingo online. We will now go through these.

Benefits of playing bingo online?

  • Decide when & where to play
  • Bingo bonuses when playing online
  • Big wins

More choices

By playing bingo online, you get a lot of options. You decide when and where you play, if you want to receive a welcome bonus and a chance to win big.

Disadvantages of playing bingo online?

  • Not as social online

The social part disappears

The most noticeable disadvantage of playing bingo online is that you do not feel the same community as when you gather in a bingo hall. So you think that the Social is an important factor maybe a game in a bingo hall is better suited. On the other hand, you can gather your friends at home and play online together.

Bingo Bonus

As we have already mentioned, one of the advantages of playing bingo online is that you can receive a bingo bonus. So it's not just casino, betting and poker that you can play with a bonus. Bonus offers also exist for those who want to play bingo online.

What a bonus looks like is up to each casino to decide. But it can be anything from free games, bonus money or free spins.

Free spins are not meant to be used on bingo games, but listen now. If you receive a bonus with free spins without wagering requirements at a casino that offers bingo, then you can play with your free spins first and use any winnings on bingo games.

For example, offers Unibet , Maria Casino and Bertil free spins with no wagering requirements. Where you can thus use any winnings directly on the offer for bingo games.

Bingo Bonuses for new players

There are also bonuses that you can use on bingo games right away. An example of that is the bonus that you can pick up at where you offer your new players a wager-free bonus at bingo.

But it is worth considering that all bonuses, as a rule, are not free from turnover. Therefore, you should always read what applies to the bonus you choose to receive.

Of course, you do not have to take part in a bingo bonus When you play bingo online, but it is up to each one. It should be borne in mind that there are both pros and cons of a bonus. Larger game cash is an advantage of accepting bonuses, while a disadvantage may be that some bonuses have a wagering requirement that needs to be met.

Bingo bonus

  1. Insert$10 get̊ $ 10 extra

  2. 100 free spins without wagering requirements

  3. 100% up to 100$ or
    100 free spins without wagering

  4. 99 free spins without wagering requirements

  5. 20 Free spins without wagering requirements

New bingo sites

From 1 January 2019, anyone wishing to conduct gambling activities in New Zealand must hold a New Zealand license. This has meant that the range of bingo sites online has decreased, but at the same time the conditions and security have increased.

There are a number of pure bingo sites on the New Zealand market that have chosen to bet wholeheartedly on bingo games, but these options are not many. At the same time, there are gambling sites that have bingo in their range, but it is not always that the product is as good.

As soon as we find out that a new bingo site is coming to The New Zealand market, we will make sure to announce it here.

Mobile Bingo

Playing bingo online you can do in many ways. One way is to pick up your smartphone and play bingo on your mobile. Either via an app if one is offered or directly via the browser.

Gaming via mobile is very smooth. Since you always have your iPhone, Android or whatever you have, it is also a good way to entertain yourself when you have nothing else to do.

Despite a smaller screen, as it is via a smartphone, playing bingo online works completely flawlessly. Just make sure the connection is good so everything flows as it should.

Mobile Bingo

Free bingo online

For various reasons, there are many who have not yet tried bingo online. Maybe it's time now? In fact, you can play bingo online for free by receiving a bonus.

We will now present two options that you can take advantage of to play bingo online for free.

Bingo bonus

A first option to play free bingo online is by receiving a bonus that is meant to be used on bingo games. However, to get the bonus, you may be required to make a deposit.

Of for example, you can get 5$ without wagering requirements when you make a deposit of at least 10$.

Free spins bonus with no wagering on bingo site

There are also bingo sites that also have a bonus with free spins without wagering requirements. You may be wondering how to play bingo for free with free spins? Let's tell you.

By receiving free spins without turnover, you first play with free spins on selected slot machines. Since any winnings with free spins have no wagering requirement, you can then use your winnings directly on bingo games.

But it is important then that your free spins that you receive have no wagering requirement.

Bingo online with a welcome bonus

It is not only you who want to play at casino and betting that can receive a welcome bonus. There is also bingo online with welcome bonus.

The fact that you can receive a bonus that you can use at bingo online is not very common, but it is of course possible to find if you look around.

But look around you do not have to. Because we at SeniorChef always make it easier for your users. Here we present what options there are when it comes to bingo online with welcome bonus. This way you save valuable time.

Bingo online with a welcome bonus

Insert$10 get̊ $ 10 extra is a very good option for those who want to play bingo online. Here you as a user can take part of a bingo bonus, good selection of bingo online and chance of big wins.

Free bingo without Deposit

When we play online bingo, unbeatable offers can sometimes appear. For example, free bingo without Deposit. Such a bonus is about the fact that you can play bingo online without making a deposit yourself.

Unfortunately, it is very rare that we can play free bingo without deposit, which is quite understandable. For free bingo without Deposit means that a casino gives away bonus money without getting anything back.

However, there are always other bonuses for those who want to play bingo online.

Bingo online with New Zealand license

Playing bingo online should be safe and secure. This is exactly what it is and will be if you choose to play bingo online with a New Zealand license.

When a casino or a bingo site is approved for a New Zealand license, you need to follow rules and conditions that allow you as a user to feel safe.

  • Deposit limits
  • Max One bonus per player

Being able to set a limit on how much you can deposit and play each day, week or month is good. Then you can set your limit and not go over it.

There is also only one awarded bingo bonus per bingo site. So you can not be lured back by your casino you play at offering a bonus to get there to come back and play. If you have used the bonus, you cannot receive a new one from the same bingo site.

Bingo pa natet spelpaus is another good thing with bingo sites that have a New Zealand license. This means that you can stop yourself from any form of gambling for a selected period. So if you feel that your gambling has gone too far and become an addiction, you can go on a gaming break and stop yourself from being able to log in to casinos with a New Zealand license.

Play bingo online with BankID

Playing bingo games online is easy and easier with BankID. Today you can play bingo online with BankID and that means that you get started faster.

When you use BankID at a casino that offers bingo online, you will also be verified instantly. Not like before when you had to submit documents.

In fact, you use your Social Security number that you enter on the screen and then you verify yourself with the BankID app. You can also use the BankID app when making deposits using payment methods linked to BankID. This way, your experience will feel much easier, smoother and better!

How To Get Started With BankID at a bingo site
  1. Choose a casino that offers bingo online
  2. Click on " Create Account”
  3. Fill in your Social Security number & “Open account with BankID”
  4. Clear!


William Russell

William Russell

Content Writer

Finally, it's time to summarize everything that has to do with bingo online.

  • Good time
  • Entertaining
  • Chance of big wins

That bingo Online is fun and entertaining, we must first of all highlight. Have you ever played classic Bingo Lotto and enjoyed it, then you are guaranteed to enjoy bingo online.

Play when it suits you and play where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The fact that anyone over the age of 18 can participate, regardless of wallet, is something else that is positive about bingo online. Because here you can buy a tile from low 0.5 crowns.

Pure bingo sites are not many at the moment, but those that exist are really good. Then there are casinos that have bingo in their range. So if you do not want to test games on bingo at a bingo site, you can do it at an online casino.