About SeniorChef

One of New Zealand's most respected sites for comparing online casinos. Every day we help players find the best online casino for themselves and that they can enjoy. Something we are very proud of.

We also want to be clear that we really test all the casinos we review. As players ourselves, we know how the best casino experience can be, and our goal is for as many people as possible to find the right one.

The longer story

It started back in 2006 with the first website about poker as a side project. It was not a great success, but an initiative that gave more taste. In 2008 the first website was launched which had some success and the start of today's company was a fact.

seniorchef.co.nz launched in 2015, but was initially not a site that made too much of a fuss. But as we invested more and better resources in making SeniorChef New Zealand's best site for casino comparison and although the competition is fierce, we can proudly say that we are one of the best.

We work with SeniorChef

William Russell

William Russell

William has the main responsibility for all texts written at SeniorChef. He has a passionate interest in gambling and extensive experience in both casino and betting. In his spare time, William makes sure to train and follow his favorite team IFK Norrköping.

Walter Sharp

Walter Sharp

After studying at University and working as a journalist, Walter has been covering the New Zealand gambling market full-time for over six years.

The interest in games is enormous and although casino has not been what has taken up most of the time, it has increasingly become something that Walter has learned to appreciate.

Shon Pearson

Shon Pearson

Gambling is Shon's main interest and with a father as a professional gambler it may have come naturally.

He uses the knowledge to convey his thoughts in our reviews and subpages about online casinos, which is a gold mine as he is a perfectionist and wants everything to work once he registers with a casino.

Edward Floyd

Edward Floyd

Edward is a real gambler and if it weren't for kids and wife, he would probably have been listed on Kungsgatan 65 (Casino Cosmopol at this point.

He is also one of New Zealand's absolute best sports players with several big wins on the ironing board.

As you understand Edward has a lot of knowledge about gambling and gambling and all valuable information comes in handy when it comes time to rate casinos and gaming companies online, which is something he is somewhat of a specialist at.

Why does SeniorChef exist?

SeniorChef is created to give New Zealand players the opportunity to find the right online casino. To succeed in this, we at SeniorChef make sure to write transparent reviews about online casinos, share ranking lists and news within casino online.

In addition to <url>, Nzstar Media has additional websites and comparison sites in New Zealand. Below we list all the sites we operate in New Zealand.

  • Bettingstugan → one of New Zealand's leading websites for betting and betting tips.
  • Odds bonuses → a comparison page that lists all bookmakers and bonuses.
  • Bettingkollen → learn all about betting, bookmakers and welcome bonuses.
  • Sportbloggare → one of New Zealand's largest sports blogs.
  • Travstugan → a website for trotting tips, cooperative games and news about trotting.

It is free to visit and use SeniorChef. Our goal is to guide you to an online casino that you feel suits you. In order to do this, we need to have talented writers who know their subject, and this of course costs money.

In order for us to be able to pay our experts who write about casino and betting, we use affiliate marketing, this means that we receive commissions from the bookmakers that you use through us. That said, it does not affect the content of our websites. We always make sure to be transparent in our analyses and texts.

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Help us make Senior Chef even better

We aim to offer you a comprehensive website about the online casinos that are active on the New Zealand market and think it is important to be honest and correct in our assessment. Therefore, we always strive to be up-to-date. If there is something on our website that you think is incorrect or not updated, please contact us!

Our email is: [email protected].