Gambling addiction

Playing casino online should be entertainment, just like any other entertainment. But sometimes things don't go as planned and you have suddenly fallen into a gambling addiction. This should then be taken very seriously.

Examples of signs for gambling addiction:

  • You play for more money than you can afford to lose
  • You are trying to win back lost bets
  • Lying about your gambling
  • You spend more time on games than you want

If you feel you have a gambling addiction, it is important that you seek help for your problem.


If you have problems with gambling, you can always contact the support line for a first aid.


If you have a gambling addiction, there are several different things that you can do to address your problem. Below are a number of different measures.

  • Shut yourself off from games via Game pause

A first step may be to turn yourself off from any form of gambling via . This means that you cannot use your BankID for login when you play at a casino with a New Zealand license. You simply will not enter during the specified period that you turned off you.

  • Contact The Support Line

Contacting the support line is another action that you can take if you have a gambling addiction. You can call, email or chat, completely free and anonymously.

  • Let someone else take care of your money

Not having access to their own money can also make it easier for you not to gamble them away. So investigating whether someone close to you might be responsible for your finances can be a good solution.

  • Gambling addicts Association

To get away from a gambling addiction, it can be good to get in touch with the National Association of gambling addicts. There are both individual and group meetings.