Our business model

SeniorChef aims to help as many people as possible find the right casino online. In order for us to succeed in this, knowledgeable people are required and it is not completely free. But that cost is nothing that you Visitors need to bear.

Instead, we do something called affiliate marketing. We cooperate with casinos that in turn pay compensation to us.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing means that we get paid for the traffic that we send to each online casino. So every time you register with a casino through our links, we receive a commission from the relevant gaming company.

Only serious casinos at SeniorChef

At SeniorChef, we attach great importance to online casino being fun and entertaining. Therefore, it is also very important for us that you as a visitor end up at a serious casino.

For this reason, we only cooperate with casinos with a New Zealand license. In other words, it is not relevant to recommend casinos without a New Zealand license, even if they are ready to pay a higher fee to us.