Easy Recipes for One or Two

handsThis section provides recipes that are suitable for older people who are cooking for one or two people. The recipes use readily available ingredients and are quick and easy to prepare as well as being nutritious and delicious!

In most instances the recipes are for one or two serves. The exception is for soups and casseroles where it makes sense to make a larger quantity (four or more serves) and freeze the leftovers in meal sized portions.


Recipes are grouped under the following categories:


Recipe of the Month

October is here!  With the days getting longer and a little more sunshine (we hope), you might want to try a lovely salad.  This roast vegetable salad is a great way to use up left-over roast vegetables so cook a few extras and then turn them into a feast. 

Remember the healthy plate model and choose more non-starchy vegetables (peppers, courgette, carrot, beetroot, onions, pumpkin) to starchy vegetables (potato and kumara).  Go for a 2:1 ratio. 

For extra fibre, keep the skins on where you can. 

Happy cooking, Senior Chefs.

 Roast vegetable salad3

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