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Table Talk Newsletters


Table Talk is a seasonal newsletter for senior Chefs. It is published quarterly and provides recipes, cooking tips, nutrition information, book reviews and information about upcoming events and resources.

Issue 40-June 2021

Hot tips vitamin C and recycling

Recipes for Winter Fruit Salad, sweet and Sour Broccoli, Capsicum & Chicken and Chocolate cup Pudding

Info on SeniorNet and the Greater Christchurch Sport & Recreation Guide

Issue 39-April 2021

Hot tips on getting a good night's sleep

Recipes for Posh Porridge, Mushroom Salad and Red Lentil & Carrot Soup

Info on Community Energy Action and Canterbury Better Breathing

Issue 38-December 2020

Hot tips on getting your daily dose of vitamin D, which oil to use and summertime wellness

Recipes for Christmas Ambrosia, Strawberry & Beetroot Salad and summertime dressings

Info staying safe driving course and scams

Issue 37-September 2020

Hot tips eatng more wholegrains, boosting your fruit and veg intake and recycling

Recipes for overnight Oats and Fruity Brown Rice Salad

Info on community food pantries, preventing falls and the Student Volunteer Army

Nutrition articles

> Is Coconut oil good for you?

> Why Do You Need To know About Vitamin B12 ?

> Butter, margarine or something else?

> Can you eat eggs if you have a high cholesterol level?

> Does cheese cause constipation?

> Does milk cause mucus?

> Are frozen vegetables just as nutritious as fresh vegetables?

> Should you drink 8 cups of water a day?

> Diabetes and diabetes

> Eating well in winter

> Eating well to prevent Gout

> Heavy on the salt

> How to get more calcium in your diet

> How to get your taste buds talking

> Pass the wholegrains!

> Good fat - the facts about Omega 3s

> Vitamin D-the sunshine vitamin

> Wishing you a happy and healthy Christmas

> Christmas Ideas

> Making the most of Christmas-menu for one or two


New Zealand Nutrition Foundation


Provides a balanced viewpoint on important nutrition issues around nutrition and health. Has an excellent section on healthy eating for older adults.

Family Food


This website is about making it easier to cook food that is good for you. The meal ideas are tasty, fast, easy and low-cost, and there are tips for helping the food budget go further.

Appetite for Life


Appetite for life is a Canterbury based 6 week weight management and healthy lifestyle programme that has been designed specifically for people who are fed up with the dieting process and just want to have a normal relationship with food.

Appetite for Life is not a diet. It promotes lifestyle changes that help you lose weight slowly, maintain weight loss and feel good about yourself throughout the process.

Heart Foundation


Heart Foundation recipes are designed by nutrition professionals to take the fuss out of healthy eating. From quick and easy to culinary delights, there is something for everyone. Recipes come with a step-by-step video guide.

Age Concern Canterbury


Trusted information, support and advocacy, to enable older people in Canterbury to have real choices.

Canterbury HealthInfo


Healthy eating for older people brochures and important information recommended by Canterbury health professionals to help manage your own health.

Active Canterbury


Whether you're starting out new to exercise or are already active, this website gives you tips about exercise and lets you search for activity groups in your area.

BE ACTIVE is suitable for people new or returning to activity, and want to have fun along the way. It is suitable for all ages (16 years and over) and levels of ability. The cost is $3 A session.

Participation in be ACTIVE assists individuals improve their activity levels and health. In addition through the engagement with others, the programmes support an increase in community cohesion and wellbeing.

Courses feature different activities each week, with an emphasis on fun and ‘having a go.’

All sessions are a mixture of activity and education, with speakers on subjects such as wellbeing, motivation and nutrition.

Recipe Book

Senior Chef: Easy Recipes for One or Two is packed full of recipes, cooking tips and nutrition and budgeting advice.

It includes recipes from our classes plus many more-they are delicious, no-fuss and full of ingredients that look after your health.

Order one now!

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