Apple and Date Chutney

ChutneyHomemade chutney is simple to make and often tastes nicer than bought varieties. Try this simple recipe made with apples and dried fruits.

Lemon Honey

Lemon_honeyLemon honey, also known as lemon spread or curd tastes great on toast or scones or can be used as a filling in sweet pies or tarts.

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry_jamFrozen berries make great jam but freshly picked ripe raspberries make the most vibrant coloured and flavoured jam.

Tomato Sauce

Tomato_sauceOutdoor tomatoes make the best sauce - Roma and Beefsteak are perfect!

Abbreviations Used in Recipes

utensilst = teaspoon

T = tablespoon

ml = millilitre

g = gram

º C = degrees Celsius

cm = centimetre