Banana Bran Muffins

muffinThe addition of mashed banana or grated apple makes these muffins very moist.

Great served with a milky drink as a nutritious snack.

Christmas Cake

Christmas_cakeThis Christmas cake is quick and easy to make and tastes great!

Date Loaf

fruitloafAn easy loaf to make and freezes well.

Fruit and Nut Balls

ballsThese sweet treats are tasty and high in fibre.

They make an ideal snack and are great to give as a gift.


pickletsA popular afternoon tea treat, the Pikelet is best described as a mini, unsweetened pancake. It is usually served with jam but whipped cream can be added for special occasions.


sconesScones are quick and easy to make. They are best eaten on the day they are made but leftovers can be frozen or try them split in half and toasted for breakfast. (Makes 9 -12 scones).

Abbreviations Used in Recipes

utensilst = teaspoon

T = tablespoon

ml = millilitre

g = gram

º C = degrees Celsius

cm = centimetre