Dried Fruit Compote

Dried_fruitTry this compote for a softer way to enjoy dried fruit. Goes well with pancakes, French toast, cereal or porridge.

French Toast

french_toastFrench toast provides protein from the egg and milk and can be enjoyed with a portion of fruit too. A delicious, nutritious way to start the day!

Fruit Smoothie

smoothieA great breakfast drink but can be served any time of the day.

Packed full of protein and calcium for strong healthy bones!  Delicious flavour variations can be made by varying the fruit and yoghurt.


Fruity Swiss Muesli

bircherIf you find store bought muesli too dry and difficult to chew then try this creamy soaked muesli that you prepare the night before. 

Hot Muesli with Fresh Fruit

hot-meusliMuesli can be served as either a hot or cold cereal. Try this recipe for hot muesli – prepare it just as you would porridge by cooking raw muesli in milk.

Overnight Oats

This easy breakfast is high in fibre and is a nice twist to your standard porridge or muesli.Overnight oats 1

Power Porridge

porridgeThis is a great way to start a winter's day! For extra protein and calcium make your porridge with milk rather than water.

Scrambled Vegetables

Scrambled_vegetablesEnjoy this quick, easy dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Perfect for using up any leftover cooked vegetables.

Toasted Muesli

muesliThis muesli tastes great and has just the right amount of crunch. Ingredients can easily be substituted, for example if you don't have almonds replace with peanuts or any other nuts you have in your pantry.

(Makes 10 ½ cup serves)

Abbreviations Used in Recipes

utensilst = teaspoon

T = tablespoon

ml = millilitre

g = gram

º C = degrees Celsius

cm = centimetre